Quality Assurance Unit

Speech of the Director of the Quality Assurance Unit at the Faculty of Dentistry - Horus University

     The Faculty of Dentistry – Horus University seeks to keep pace with the successive changes in the education systems and to pay attention to all elements of the educational process, which require enabling the graduate with different scientific requirements and skills.

     Thus, the Quality Assurance Unit at the Faculty of Dentistry seeks to achieve the quality of institutional and academic performance, in a manner that ensures the continuous improvement of the quality of the educational process, research activities, and community services in the light of local and international standards, and in a way that achieves the faculty mission and strategic objectives, as well as qualifying it for accreditation through the development of integrated systems for internal review and self-evaluation and the creation of a positive awareness among all members of the faculty community towards evaluation and continuous development based on human capabilities of distinguished competence.

     The application of quality systems is a means for us to contribute to the concerted efforts of all of us as an institutional capacity and educational effectiveness of the faculty and to create the necessary climate for the localization of good practices and the consolidation of commitment to performance standards.

     And based on our constant endeavor to create a culture of excellence in our faculty, and our firm awareness that planning for the future is the best way to face current threats, the Quality Office has given great attention to developing plans and development guides and supervising the implementation of these plans and applying quality systems in order to raise the efficiency of administrative and academic performance


Quality Assurance Unit Director

Prof. Dr. Reham Mohamed Abdallah

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