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اعتماد كلية طب الاسنان جامعة حورس من الهيئة القومية لضمان جودة التعليم والاعتماد
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القافلة الطبية لكلية طب الأسنان جامعة حورس للمركز الحضري بكفر سعد
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Horus University Mega Graduation Ceremony 2023
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 زيارة للقاعدة البحرية ببورسعيد
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مشاركة ٢٠٠ طالب وطالبة من كلية طب الاسنان جامعة حورس - مصر مع الجامعات المختلفة على مستوى الجُمهورية في اليوم المصري لطب الأسنان 
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القافلة الطبية الشاملة لجامعة حورس الى المركز الطبى بمدينة دمياط الجديدة
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Welcome from Dean

Professor. Mohamed Hamed Ghazy

Faculty Dean

It gives me great pleasure and I would like to welcome and congratulate you on your decision to join our eminent faculty of Dentistry at Horus University. I know that you have worked hard to get here; I assure you that you come to the right place and today you will begin a transformative experience in your lives and careers. I sincerely hope that each one of you finds his purpose here and will spend the most fruitful and enjoyable years of his life at Horus University. We are pleased to provide you with a detailed overview of some of the aspects that set our faculty a unique and respectful institute for education, research, and clinical services in dentistry.

Academic Departments

General and Basic Dental Sciences

Basic and Clinical Medical Sciences

Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery

Orthodontics and Pedodontics

Periodontology and Oral Medicine


Restorative Dentistry

Why Join

The question of whether or not to join HUE’s Faculty of Dentistry does not strictly pertain to a career in dentistry due to a demand for qualified graduates in all professions, it relates to the selection of HUE’s Faculty of Dentistry over the sister Egyptian and Arabic Faculties of Dentistry. The answer lies in the superior research programs and the excellent facilities and clinics which attract distinguished professors and teaching assistants, as well as a peerless administrative system.

At HUE’s Faculty of Dentistry, the research program follows the international credit-hour system that is now applied by all international schools of dentistry, should the graduates choose to complete their postgraduate studies at an American, Canadian, or European university.
The examination system is also equivalent to that of international universities. Academic curricula are constantly updated, and enhanced by advanced visual content. Teaching techniques are continuously modified in line with our partnered universities to ensure that students acquire the required academic and clinical skills for successful advancement. As a prestigious faculty all labs and clinics are equipped with modern technology such as CAD-CAM, sensors, IoT-based devices, Wifi-tethering microscopes, intra-oral scanners and cone-bean CT. The clinics are provided with 600 dental units all with corresponding accessories and kits.
HUE’s first-class staff, who are experienced teachers from national and international universities, have delivered seminal conference presentations all over the world and published with prestigious journals. The teaching assistants are professionally trained tutors, providing and demonstrating excellent clinical skills. This is combined with a finely tuned operational administrative system which warrants sustainability, improved performance and excellent productivity.

E-Learning Strategies

Campus teaching and technology-enhanced tutoring are pedagogically effective if coursework, curriculum design, dynamic course modality, databases, digital resources, advanced spreadsheets, multi-media applications, and data analytics are properly instigated to accommodate new learning challenges, rather than the use of an online platform as an alternate workspace for campus teaching. This year, we move to a one-third corpus online in which MS Teams will be used as a platform for importing interactive educational applications in order to enable self-regulatory skills, quizzes, auto-grading, practical activities, and virtual patient blended learning, without detriment to face-to-face class sessions and clinic time.

 In the implementation of an adaptive yet efficient infrastructure, clinics were equipped with new technology which simulates real-time clinical practice with patients during the first semester, in order to optimize the overall effectiveness of all courses. This also serves to maximize student engagement and student support during the present difficult situation. Although we acknowledge the sector-based challenges facing e-learning in health sciences education, the administration of HUE’s Faculty of Dentistry will rigorously maintain interaction and collaboration between learners and facilitators, and take the necessary actions required to manage any problems that should arise. The impact on students’ acquisition of clinical knowledge will be measured regularly using immersive-virtual-reality and specially adapted dental clinics.

HUE's Portal for COVID-19

The Faculty of Dentistry has updated all basic and clinical curricula to teach the clinico-pathological profile and pathogenesis of COVID-19. This update has been integrated into the several educational levels. Research projects on COVID-19 include the oral manifestations and molecular pathogenesis frequently observed in the oral cavity.

HUE COVID19 Resources

Students Testomonials

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