Bioscience Department

Dr. Ghada Adel Mutawa

Head of Bioscience Department

Current Position Head of Bioscience Department
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The interests and expertise of our department covers the full breadth of biology, such as; cell biology, genetics, physiology, embryology, and advanced fields like stem cells including dental stem cells. This broad-based approach is represented in our department, which facilities the dental student to study all the advanced medical and dental subjects.


The vision of Bioscience will be a leader in acquiring fundamental knowledge of the living world that will advance human health. We will fully integrate instruction and research so that all students not only learn but also, through their learning, actively contribute to our understanding of life.


to provide an academically stimulating and challenging environment for intellectual and spiritual growth, preparing students pursue to careers and advanced degrees in health related fields including dentistry


  • Bioscience (GBDS-113)

  • Behavioral Science (UMC305

Bioscience Department Staff

Dr. Ahmed Hazem

Current Position Lecturer of Bioscience
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Manal El-Shal

Current Position Assistant Lecturer of Bioscience
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