Facilities & Labs

Basic Gerenal Sciences

Name Room Number
Physics and Statistics T211
General chemistry T412
Biosciences D202
Dental Biomaterials D212
Dental anatomy and Dentition D201
Oral biology D209
Oral pathology D213
General anatomy T218
General histology D209
General Physiology T319
Biochemistry P401, P418
Dental Epidemiology and Biostatistics T211

Basic Medical Sciences

Name Number Room Number
Microbiology and Immunology 5
Pharmacology 2 T410 -
Internal Medicine and Dermatology 2
Otolaryngology 2
General Anesthesia 2


Name Number Room Number
Removable prosthodontics 2 D415
Fixed prosthodontics 2 D308
Conservative operative dentistry 2 D301,D319
Endodontics 2 D406
Orthodontics 2 D403
Pedodontics 2 D403
Public Health and Community 2 D403
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